How to Block Caller ID on a Virgin Mobile Phone

Updated February 21, 2017

Virgin Mobile offers both prepaid cell phones as well as cell phone service plans. Regardless of which type of service and cell phone that you use, your phone number will appear on the phone of the person you are calling. You may wish to keep your phone number anonymous. The process for blocking caller ID on a Virgin Mobile phone is the same regardless of which phone you use.

Turn your cell phone on or pick up your landline telephone.

Press the "*" (star) button.

Enter the numbers "6" and "7" directly after the "_" button (i.e., "_67").

Enter the 10-digit Virgin Mobile phone number you want to call directly after the "_67" value (e.g., "_67-919-919-9191").

Press "Send" or "Call" on the cell phone. Nothing else has to be pressed on a landline telephone. The caller ID on the Virgin Mobile phone you are calling will be blocked.


Consult your particular phone plan (both cellular and landline) to learn about any charges you may incur for blocking your caller ID.

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