Instructions for programming ford keys

Written by matthew fortuna | 13/05/2017
Instructions for programming ford keys
Electronic keys offer added engine safety. (Microchiped Car Key image by Christopher Meder from

Electronic ignition keys on your Ford vehicle were first introduced in the early 2000s and are a means of electronic safety for your vehicle. Inserting a programmed key into your ignition is the only way to start your vehicle, providing an extra security measure against hot-wiring or theft. You can program or reprogram your electronic key to your Ford vehicle in just minutes from your home, as long as you have the two dealer-programmed keys that the system was installed with.

Insert a working key into the ignition and cycle the key to the "On" position and back to the "Off" position.

Remove the first key and insert a second working key into the ignition, cycling the second key to the "On" position and back to the "Off" position.

Insert the key that you are programming into the ignition within 10 seconds of removing the previous key and turn the new key to the "On" position.

Leave the key in the "On" position for one second and cycle it back to "Off." Wait for the security light to indicate that the programming was successful.

Leave the key in the ignition for 10 seconds before removing to complete the programming sequence.

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