How to Download a PSP Game Torrent

Updated March 17, 2017

The PSP console allows for gamers to play their handheld games anywhere. Games for the PSP are not only available on disc, but also for download both through Sony and through other means such as bittorrent clients. PSP owners can download PSP game torrents and transfer the file onto their PSPs for immediate access. While commercial PSP games cannot be downloaded legally through bittorrent or home brew, independent games are available for legal download.

Download a bittorrent client onto your computer. Available bittorrent clients include Vuze, Yet Another Bittorrent Client, uTorrent and BitLord.

Launch your bittorrent client. Enter the name of the PSP game you wish to download. For example, if you want to download an independent PSP game called “Adventure Game” you would enter “Adventure Game PSP” into the search bar.

Scroll through the list of results and click on the result with the highest number of “Seeds.” A seed, or seeder, is a user who has a complete copy of the file available. The more seeds, the faster your download speed will be.

Allow the torrent to complete the download. The full PSP game file will be saved into a folder designated by your bittorrent client.

Insert a Memory Stick Pro Duo into your PSP. Attach your PSP to your computer using a USB connector cable. Power on the PSP and select “USB Mode” from the cross media bar.

Drag the PSP game file you torrented into the “Game” folder of your PSP. This folder will appear on your computer screen when the PSP enters USB Mode.

Go to a torrent website such as Torrentz or if your bittorrent client does not have a search bar within the program.

Enter the name of the PSP game torrent you wish to download into the search bar.

Click on the result and save it to your computer. The file will be saved with a .torrent extension.

Open your bittorrent client and click “Open” and then “Torrent” from the top menu.

Select the torrent file you downloaded and click “OK.” This will begin the download of the PSP torrent.


You may need additional software installed on your PSP to run games downloaded through torrent. Check with the torrent provider for additional information.


Do not download games that are copyrighted or not otherwise available for free. PSP games found on torrent should be those offered by independent game developers distributing free copies of their games.

Things You'll Need

  • Bittorrent client
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • USB connector cable
  • PSP console
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