How to Play Region 2 on a Region 1 DVD Player

Updated July 19, 2017

Region encoding can be annoying, since it stops people from playing legally-purchased DVDs on their player of choice. However, most DVD players can be "hacked" to be made region-free. This allows you to not only play Region 2 DVDs on a Region 1 player, but DVDs from every other region as well. Making your DVD player region free can be ideal if you enjoy foreign films or plan on buying DVDs from other countries.

Find out what the model number of your DVD player is. This can usually be found on the back by the serial number, but it is sometimes in the front as well. It is typically a combination of numbers and letters, such as NB5530SLX or BD390A. Write the number down.

Go to Video Help's DVD Hack message board and input the model number in the "Search DVD Player" field. This site is constantly updated and if your player has a DVD region hack on it, then it will most likely be on this board.

Follow the instructions that appear on the site. They typically involve opening your DVD tray and then entering a code on your remote control. If given the option to pick a region code, select "0" as that allows you to watch DVDs from any region.


If you can't find your DVD player at Video Help do a search online for the DVD player model number with the words "region hack" after it in quotes. If there is a known hack for the player it will be online.


While disabling your DVD player's region-encoding is legal and safe, it will mostly likely void its warranty.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD player with remote
  • Computer with Internet connection
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