How to hang a headboard to a wall

Updated May 18, 2018

Hanging a headboard on a wall above a bed has several advantages over a headboard attaching to a bed frame. This type of headboard has no legs and uses less material; therefore, it's less expensive. Installing wall headboards gives a homeowner the option of one piece or multiple pieces of construction in wood or upholstered kits with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

Hold the headboard up to the wall over the bed so that the bottoms touch the wall at the same point as the mattress height. Measure the height of the headboard piece with a measuring tape and divide by two to find the centre of the height. Measure that height above the bed and draw a line horizontally with a marking pencil across the width of the bed on the wall for hanging marks.

Slide a stud finder over the wall to find the studs over the bed. Mark the studs with a small "X" on the horizontal line.

Attach the flush mounts to the upholstered headboard. Use a Phillips screwdriver to screw the flush mounts onto each headboard with the bracket, turning so that the screw holes are at the top with the lip at the bottom. Tighten both Phillips screws by turning clockwise.

Position the flush mounts on the wall so that the bottom of the mount rests on the horizontal line mark. Attach the flush mounts to the stud marks on the wall, turning them so that the screw holes are at the bottom of the wall and the lip is at the top. Tighten both Phillips screws clockwise.

Lift the headboard up and place against the wall above the brackets. Slide the headboard down into each bracket.

Measure and mark the wall with a horizontal line and Xs on the studs in the same manner for upholstered headboards.

Pre-drill pilot holes for the screws in the headboard and attach the flush mount with two screws. Hold the headboard up to the wall and mark the vertical location of the flush mounts on the wall.

Pre-drill pilot holes for the screws in the wall with a drill and insert molly bolts to support the weight of a wooden headboard. Hold the wings of the molly bolt, pinching them in toward the head of the molly bolt, and insert it through the flush mount and into the pilot hole. Release the wings when they enter the wall and tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.

Slide the headboard down into the flush mounts by holding it above the bed on the wall. The lip of the top flush mount fits in the lip of the bottom mount and holds it tightly to the wall.


Upholstered headboards may be one piece or several pieces. Each piece can mount horizontally or vertically to achieve the desired pattern. These types of headboard and pieces have pre-drilled holes in each piece. Attaching a headboard to brick or concrete walls requires masonry screws to hold the headboard to the walls. Hang headboards higher over the mattress for a backrest while in bed.


Pre-drill pilot holes in wooden headboards so the wood does not split as the screws tighten the flush mount to the headboard. King- and queen-size wooden headboards should use at least four flush mounts to hold them securely on the wall.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Marking pencil
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Headboard flush mounts with screws
  • Molly bolts
  • Drill
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