How to Get Games in Excel Including Sonic

Updated April 17, 2017

Excel is a Microsoft software program that manages, analyses and alters spreadsheet documents. Although traditionally used for business and financial information, Excel can also be used as a platform for playable video games such as "Sonic," "Monopoly," "Space Invaders" and "Super Mario World."

Visit the "Games Excel" website (see Resources) and scroll down to the list of downloadable Excel games including "Battleships," "Pac-Man," "Asteroids" and "Batman."

Click on the title of the game you wish to play through Excel. Selecting "Sonic the Hedgehog," for example, will take you to the description and download screen.

Scroll down and select "Download Excel game" to open your Internet browser's download manager. Save the ".rar" file to a safe destination folder on your PC.

Open the destination folder of the download and "unzip" or "extract" the Excel contents of the .rar file into the same folder. When downloading Sonic, for example, the Excel file that you "unzip" is called "sonic_excel".

Double click on the Excel file that the folder has unzipped and your computer will automatically open Microsoft Excel, ready to play the game you have downloaded.

Follow the instructions on the game screen to alter the controls, options, game type and players, and to enter cheats or passwords.


Make one folder called "Excel Games" to download and "unzip" all of your games into. This makes your downloads easier to manage and find. There is software on the Internet that allows you to "unzip" or "extract" .rar files if your computer cannot. See "Resources" for a free and easy-to-use program called "WinRAR."

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