How Many Weeks are Cats Pregnant?

Updated April 17, 2017

If you're thinking of breeding your purebred or are excited about your pet having kittens, you'll want to know how many weeks your cat will be pregnant, and what lies in store for you and your pet.

Length of pregnancy

A cat is usually pregnant about nine weeks, or just over two months. Most cats give birth about 63 to 65 days after conception.

Early Stages of Pregnancy

During the early weeks, a cat's nipples will swell and turn pink. She may also experience morning sickness.

Middle Stages of Pregnancy

During the middle stages of a cat's pregnancy, at about five weeks, her belly will start to swell. She should be kept in a low-stress environment and be fed high-quality cat food.

Late Stages of Pregnancy

A few days before your cat's pregnancy comes to term, she may seek out a private place to give birth, a process called "nesting." At this time, her nipples will probably start to produce milk.

Birthing process

Nervousness and panting are common signs that the cat is having contractions. Birthing multiple kittens can take as little as a couple of hours or up to half a day or more in some breeds, and pauses between kittens are not uncommon.

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