How to Care for Hanging Ivy Plants

Ivy is especially well suited to hanging baskets. The long vines drape down, eventually reaching the floor and providing a cascade of foliage. Ivy comes in a variety of colours and leaf sizes, from broadleaved, deep green types to small-leaved varieties with variegated leaf markings. Most ivy varieties thrive inside the home, as they do not require direct sunlight and only need minimal care. Hanging ivy baskets are suitable for outdoor seating areas where canopies and patio covers provide shade.

Hang the basket in an area that receives bright, indirect light and is away from drafts and air ducts. Indoors, north facing windows or locations several feet away from a window are preferable, as direct light can damage or kill the ivy. Hang outdoor plants in an area that is shaded for most of the day.

Water ivy just as the soil in the basket begins to dry. Baskets with sphagnum moss or coir liners dry more quickly than plastic baskets, so may need watering twice as often. Water from the top until the excess moisture begins to drain from the bottom of the basket. Indoor baskets require watering every one to two weeks, while outdoor baskets may need water two or more times a week.

Fertilise the ivy with 1 tsp 20-10-20 analysis soluble fertiliser, following the label application method. Fertilise indoor plants once every two months. Fertilise outdoor plants once monthly, as both water and fertiliser leaches out of outdoor baskets more quickly due to light and heat.

Remove dead or damaged leaves and stems. Pinch these off the plant or cut them off just above the damaged area with a small pair of shears.


Trim ivy as desired to maintain its shape. Pinch off the growing tips of the vines to limit further vertical growth or snip the vines shorter with clean shears.


Avoid hanging the ivy in areas where the trailing vines touch the ground, can become caught in doors or windows or where they come in contact with extreme hot or cold items.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertiliser
  • Shears
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