How to Write a Delivery Driver's Cover Letter

Updated February 21, 2017

Delivery drivers typically drive a truck, but they can also deliver items from a van or even a car if the items are small enough. All types of companies need delivery drivers, from flower shops to furniture stores to bakeries and pizza places. Before you can apply for a job as a delivery driver, you need to submit your resume along with a professionally written cover letter that outlines your relevant skills and experience.

Type your name, address and contact information in the middle of the top of the page. Type the date you plan to send the cover letter with your resume at the top left of the page, below your contact information.

Type the name of the recipient under the date. Include his title, the company and the company address. The recipient is usually the manager in charge of hiring delivery drivers.

Add a professional greeting, such as "Dear Mr. Smith." It's very important that you find out the name of the recipient you're sending the letter to. You can check the job ad, the company's website or call the company directly to ask.

Explain the job you're applying for in the first paragraph of the cover letter. Include a few details about why you're qualified to work as a delivery driver. These few details should be your most relevant and impressive skills, such as many years experience driving a truck or extensive experience working within the industry you're applying.

Include your specific qualifications in the next paragraph. These can typically be taken directly from the job ad. The job ad will list the requirements for the position, such as an excellent driving record, experience driving a commercial vehicle or the ability to lift a certain amount of weight.

Thank the recipient for reviewing your resume, and request an interview. Don't forget to say when you're available to come in and when you can begin work.

Add a professional closing, such as "Sincerely," and type your name. Leave enough space to sign your name under the closing if you're planning to mail your cover letter and resume. Type "Enc: Resume" at the bottom of your cover letter.

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