How to Make Flowers & Bows From Ribbon

Updated February 21, 2017

On its own, ribbon can create a flowing and colourful decoration. For certain events such as weddings, showers and other types of parties, ribbons alone may not be decorative enough for your theme. You can use ribbon in a variety of ways to create festive decorations such as flowers and bows that can match your themed party.

Cut 1 ½ yards of wire ribbon. Grasp the wire at one end and bunch the ribbon slightly toward that end to form small wrinkles.

Glue the bunching end of the ribbon to a piece of stem wire using craft glue or all-purpose glue. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Gently wrap the ribbon around the stem wire so that it forms the shape of a flower. Spread the ribbon out around the centre as needed so that it keeps its petal-like shape.

Secure the other end of the ribbon to the stem wire with a piece of green floral tape to maintain the flower shape. Wrap the whole wire with this tape to create a green stem for your flower.

Lay out 3 yards of ribbon on a flat surface in front of you. Grasp the ribbon 8 inches from one end and pinch the ribbon firmly between your thumb and index finger. This pinch will serve as the centre of your bow.

Spread the ribbon out above the pinched area so that it forms a 5-inch loop. Pinch the end of the loop under the centre of the bow.

Continue to make 5-inch loops around the centre until you have formed four loops on each side of the centre; this will give you a total of eight loops for your bow.

Feed stem wire through the bottom of each of the loops, near the centre. This will connect all of the loops together.

Create a small ribbon loop over the centre and feed the two ends of the wire through this loop; tie the two ends of the wire together to secure all loops to the centre. Trim excess wire or ribbon.


There are a variety of flower and bow designs you can create with ribbons; experiment or consult crafting books or websites to find other designs.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 ½ yards of wire ribbon, 2 ½ inches thick
  • Stem wire
  • Glue
  • Green tape
  • 3 yards of non-wire ribbon
  • Scissors
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