How to Replace an Epson Photo Printer's Print Head

Updated February 21, 2017

If you own a computer, chances are you own a printer as well. Today, most printers are capable of printing photos, due to advances in digital technology and a wide market of available digital cameras. Over time, your printer may need its print head replaced, and this is a good idea for most printers because it's much cheaper to replace the print head than to replace the entire printer, according to Inkjet Printer Epson photo printers are very popular among computer owners, and these printers too may need the print head replaced after long periods of use.

Remove the ink cartridges if still installed, then unplug the printer if it's plugged in. Lift up the housing as you normally would when changing ink cartridges.

Use a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the two screws in the front and back of the print-tray bar.

Flip the two cartridge-locking tabs on both sides of the print head away from you to unlock the cartridge cap. Open the cartridge cap, then flip the tabs underneath the cap away from you to completely remove the cartridge cap.

Locate the ink-cartridge ejector bar. This is a black plastic piece that you use to eject the ink cartridges. Flip the ejector bar up to the small slot at the right of the print head, the slide it out of the opening.

Remove the screw on front bottom right corner of the print head with a Phillips-head screwdriver. This screw holds the print head down to the mechanical scrolling bar.

Remove the print-head cable from the top of the print head. This is the flat white cable connecting the print head to the circuit board. Unclip the print-head cable from above the print head, then pull out the cable from the top of the print head.

Remove the top locking clip from the print head, then pull the print head off of the scrolling bar. Set the new print head in place, then reconnect all parts by reversing the process.


Never attempt to change the print head when the printer is plugged in. Do not remove the print head to clean. This will ruin the print head.

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