How to Refill Chef'n Pepper Mill

Updated February 21, 2017

You can refill a Chef'n pepper mill in just a few seconds and go right back to grinding fresh pepper. Chef'n pepper mills are specially designed to be used with one hand, which makes seasoning while cooking easier. Adjustable grinding mechanisms built into Chef'n pepper mills allow the user to set the grind to coarse or fine before each use. Pour whole peppercorns into an empty Chef'n pepper mill so you can season with one hand tied behind your back.

Press the black button on the top of the pepper mill to release the handle cover.

Lift the handle cover up and off the pepper mill to expose the 1/2-inch-wide hinged fill window. The fill window should automatically spring open, allowing you to pour in whole peppercorns until the chamber is 3/4 full.

Hold the fill window closed with a single finger as you slide the handle cover back onto the Chef'n pepper mill until it clicks. The click sound lets you know that the handle is secured and the grinder is ready to use.

Squeeze the handle of the refilled Chef'n pepper mill repeatedly 6 to 10 inches above the target to begin grinding pepper. Twist the base to adjust the size of the grind.


Clean a dirty Chef'n pepper mill with liquid dish soap and hot water. Be sure that the grinder has dried completely before refilling it with peppercorns.


Never put coarse salt into a Chef'n pepper grinder as it may damage the grinding mechanism.

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