How to Build a Fort Inside Your House

Updated November 21, 2016

A world of imagination waits in the bedroom, family room or den of your home. Using only a few common items you already have in your home, you can easily construct a fort in just about any room of your house. An indoor fort provides a magical escape for many children and allows their imaginations to take over. The idea is great for any time and especially on those rainy or snowy days and an indoor fort can provide hours of play and entertainment for children of different ages.

Establish the foundation for your indoor fort. Use tables as a starting point for the fort and position other chairs and stacked cushions or pillows to add extra rooms and play space.

Place a sheet or blanket over the table, chair and cushions. Drape the sheet or blanket so that it forms the roof for the fort. Use clothes pins to clip corners and edges of the sheet or blanket in place.

Cover the floor with additional blankets. Add cushions to the area for seating and nap time.

Provide drawing and colouring supplies including paper, pencils and crayons to children. Encourage children to create and draw themed pictures to hang in the fort. Use wrapping or masking tape to attach the picture to the fort walls.

Add flashlights, holiday light strings, snacks, and other items to the fort for children to enjoy. Stringing holiday lights above the fort can create a night-time star effect.


Include children in the design and creation process. Building the fort can be almost as much fun as playing. Encourage imagination and creativity.

Things You'll Need

  • Furniture
  • Cushions or pillows
  • Blankets or sheets
  • Chairs
  • Clothes pins
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