How to Switch Off a Ford Focus Airbag

Updated February 21, 2017

Air bags are designed to help save lives, but sometimes they can be dangerous, depending on who is driving or riding in the car. Studies from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that children age 14 and younger can be at risk of serious injury or worse from deployed air bags. If you don't want the air bags in your Ford Focus operating, it is possible to disable them. The air bags are controlled by a control module stored underneath the centre console, although this can vary depending on the exact year of your car's model.

Disconnect the car’s negative battery cable: Unbolt the battery’s retaining strap with a wrench, open the battery cover and loosen the cable clamp for the black cable prior to removing it from the terminal. Use a wrench with an insulated handle.

Wait at least five minutes for the air bag module to completely run out of power.

Remove the centre console: Apply the parking brake, take out the cup holders from the front of the console, unclip the ashtray in the rear and the cover underneath it, unclip the gear lever’s trim panel and boot, remove all screws and electrical connectors and lift up the console.

Disconnect the air ducting by releasing the two retaining clips in the rear (located under the centre console).

Disconnect the multi-plugs from the air bag control module: Press the retaining lugs on the connectors to disconnect them.

Unscrew the control module’s retaining bolts with a wrench and remove the module from the car, if needed.


Switching off the air bags can result in serious injury in a crash.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
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