How to Copy a CD to an iPod Touch

Updated February 21, 2017

An iPod Touch allows you to take music that has been saved on your computer with you wherever you travel. You may wish to listen to an entire audio CD using the iPod Touch. Since the device has no CD drive, you will need to rip that CD into the iTunes library on your computer. Once you have done this, you will be able to copy the music from the CD onto your iPod Touch.

Insert the CD you want to copy to an iPod Touch into your computer's CD drive.

Open iTunes.

Click on the CD listed inside of the source panel. The CD name will be listed underneath "Devices." The songs on that CD will appear in the middle of iTunes.

Click the "Import Settings" button at the bottom of the program. A small window will open in iTunes.

Select one of the formats listed inside of the "Import Using" drop box at the top of the open window. Any of the formats inside this drop box will work on your iPod. Once you've made your choice, click "OK" in the window.

Click "Import CD" at the bottom of iTunes. The songs on the CD will be copied into iTunes. When this process finishes, you may eject the CD.

Connect the iPod Touch to the computer via an Apple iPod cord.

Click the name of the iPod Touch found in the source panel underneath "Devices."

Click the "Summary" tab that is located in the centre iTunes window.

Scroll down the centre of iTunes. Click "Manually manage music and videos." A check mark will become visible inside the box for that option.

Click "Apply" at the bottom-right corner of iTunes in order to save this setting on the iPod.

Click "Music" from the source panel. All of the songs that you have saved in iTunes, including the music from the CD, will appear inside the centre iTunes window.

Click on all of the CD songs that you want to put onto the iPod Touch.

Drag the CD songs over to your iPod Touch (listed under "Devices"). The songs will be copied onto the iPod Touch.


Section 2 can be skipped if the "Manual Manage" option is already enabled on the iPod Touch.

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