How to Connect a Laptop to a Sony TV

Updated February 21, 2017

Watching videos on your laptop may be serviceable in some situations, but when you want to experience visuals on a larger screen with more powerful speakers, you can connect your laptop to your Sony TV. Depending on your laptop model and the exact model of your Sony TV, there are a number of ways to make this connection, ranging from S-video to VGA cable. Connecting a laptop to a Sony TV is easy, so long as you have the proper cables.

Check the ports on your laptop. How your laptop is configured will determine which cable you use to connect your laptop to the Sony television. If you have an older laptop, you may need to go the S-video route. S-Video cables have a four-prong round plug on one end, along with a partial RCA connector array, which consists of one white (audio) prong and one red (audio) prong. Connect the cable end opposite of this array into the S-video Out port on your computer.

Connect the four-prong round plug to your Sony TV. If your laptop has decent speakers, this will be all you need to do; however, if you'd rather hear audio through your TV's speakers, connect the white and red prongs to the white and red RCA ports on the back of your Sony TV.

Use an RCA to S-video cable converter if your Sony TV does not offer its own S-video port but your laptop has an S-video Out port. Plug the one end of your S-video cable into your laptop as in Step 1. Connect the four-prong round plug on the opposite end directly into the converter. Run the converter's full RCA cable array out to your Sony TV and match the white, yellow and red RCA prongs up with the white, yellow and red RCA ports on the back of your Sony TV.

Connect the devices using a VGA cable instead. This is a common connector on many laptop models. Pair your VGA cable with a PC-to-TV converter in this set-up. Plug the 15-pin connector on one end of the VGA cable into the VGA port on your laptop.

Connect the other 15-pin connector end of the VGA cable directly into the PC-to-TV converter. Run either an S-video or RCA cable from the other end of the converter to your Sony TV, depending on what ports your Sony TV offers. Connect the RCA cable to the converter, then connect the RCA white, yellow and red prongs into the matching ports on the back of the Sony. Alternatively, connect the S-video cable to the converter, then run the four-pin round plug end and white and yellow RCA prongs to your TV and make the connections appropriately.

Things You'll Need

  • S-Video cable
  • RCA to S-video cable converter
  • VGA cable
  • PC-to-TV converter
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