How to make dog costumes for kids

Updated March 27, 2018

Kids love dressing up in costumes for Halloween, having fun with friends and collecting candy while out trick-or-treating. Encourage your little dog lover to dress as a dog this Halloween and express her individuality. Make your child a custom dog costume that can be worn as clothing long after the holiday has passed. He will be more comfortable and you will be less likely to feel that money spent on his costume is money down the drain.

Trace dog ear shapes onto brown and white felt and cut them out.

Pin dog ears to the top of the hood on the brown hooded sweatshirt. Center them on the right and left sides of the hood to make the dog's ears.

Cut out a long strip of brown and white felt and pin it to the back of the brown sweatpants to make the dog's tail.

Ask your child to put on the brown sweats and shoes. Leave the hood down until after the make-up is done so that it does not get stained.

Paint your child's face white and then paint his nose pink. Use black face paint to paint on dog whiskers. Use brown face paint to add unique spots and markings to his face.

Allow the face paint to dry and then put the hood up.

Put on your child's dog collar and allow her to carry a dog bone while trick-or-treating. After Halloween, remove the ears and tail from the costume so that the sweats can be worn normally.

Things You'll Need

  • Brown hooded sweatshirt
  • Brown sweatpants
  • Brown shoes
  • Brown and white felt
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Face paint
  • Dog collar
  • Bone
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