How to Install a Metal Conduit

Updated February 21, 2017

Metal conduit protects wires in electrical systems and provides a channel for wires through your home. In the basement, attic or anywhere else, conduit is a necessary part of your interior. Several tools are required for conduit installation, including a bending tool. Master the finer points of conduit installation and route wires quickly and efficiently in the safest possible manner.

Plan the best possible installation route along the wall or ceiling. The shortest distance from point A to B with the longest straight runs of conduit and the fewest bends is always the best route.

Place a conduit section along the wall following your planned route. Place a mounting bracket over the conduit section with the mounting holes flush to the wall. Mount the bracket to the wall with a 1-inch metal screw and power driver. Use concrete screws if mounting the conduit to a basement wall. Install one bracket for every 3 feet of conduit.

Attach conduit sections with coupling brackets and mount them to the wall with brackets. Stop when you reach a point where the conduit must be bent. Before you mount this conduit section to the wall, mark it with a marker at the point of the bend.

Place the conduit in the bending tool so your mark lines up with the bending tool's bend mark on the back of the tool. Place the bending tool on the floor in front of you with the conduit piece inside. Pull the bending tool toward you. This bends the conduit pipe into a 90-degree angle.

Place the bent piece of conduit on the wall. Connect the end to the existing conduit, using a coupling bracket, and mount the conduit piece to the wall with conduit brackets. Continue until you have completed the route of conduit pipe.


Always install the metal conduit pipe overhead and out of the way when possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Conduit bender
  • Power driver
  • Metal screws, 1 inch
  • Conduit brackets
  • Marker
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