How to Attach a Mobile to Crib

Updated February 21, 2017

"First comes love, second comes marriage, then comes the parents with a pram"... and a high chair, car seat, crib and crib mobile. The list of contraptions and necessary equipment that baby requires grows by the year, but the confusion on how to set up, put together and install all those new gizmos doesn't have to exist. Instruction manuals are available for most brands of baby items. To attach a mobile to a crib, never fear: Most models have the same basic installation device.

Examine your mobile. You should have at least three parts: an arm with a threaded post somewhere on one side, a screw-on, a large nut (dial), and the mobile that is suspended over the crib/baby. Some mobiles have musical and light-up components. These usually are a part of the arm, or the musical "box" replaces the nut.

Locate the "lip" on the lower portion of the arm. The lip is a small protrusion resembling a small shelf or ledge, often rectangular and flat. The lip of the arm rests on top of the crib railing to steady and brace the crib mobile. Place the lip on top of the crib railing, with the threaded post of the arm poking through a space between two crib bars. On most models, the post will insert through the inner crib bars to be clamped on the external side of the crib. This is so the baby can't manipulate the nut/dial.

Hold the mobile arm, with the lip in position, against the crib railing/bars with one hand. Grasp the screw-on nut/dial with your other hand and insert the nut onto the threaded post.

Screw the nut onto the post until the nut is snug against the crib bars. Don't overtighten on a plastic mobile. You might cause the plastic to crack. When the nut is snug against the crib bars, stop turning. The arm and nut are now attached to the crib railing.

Hang the decorative mobile from the arm suspended above the crib. Most models have a hook that connects through a loop or hole or onto another hook.


A universal spring-loaded-type clamp is now available to purchase at retail stores that fits onto most decorative mobiles. This clamp goes over the top of the crib railing and fits tightly, eliminating the need to screw on the dial/nut. It fits over very thick crib railings that often pose problems for crib mobile installation.


When baby can sit up, remove the mobile from the crib. A crib mobile is a strangulation and choking risk to a baby able to grasp, touch or dislodge the unit from the crib railing. Never leave a rolling, crawling or sitting baby unsupervised in any crib or playpen with a suspended mobile.

Things You'll Need

  • Crib
  • Crib Mobile
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