Electric Oven Instructions

Updated November 21, 2016

Electric ovens, for roasting or baking food, use coils that heat the food from below. There are also heating coils on the top of the oven to heat the food from above, which is called broiling. Most electric ovens are controlled by a thermostat and offer other features, such as a cooking timer and/or a self-cleaning option. Common brands of electric ovens include General Electric and Whirlpool.

Plug in the electric oven if it is not already plugged in to an electrical source.

Push in the "Oven Temperature" knob slightly and turn clockwise until the desired temperature is reached. Most recipes will provide information on the appropriate cooking temperature when using an oven. The "Preheating" light will come on, indicating that the oven is heating to the desired temperature.

Wait until the "Preheating" light turns off. This indicates that the oven is ready for use. Use heating pads to protect your hands and place the food item in the oven on the racks provided. Items cook best when centred on the racks inside the oven. Close the oven door.

Use the "Timer" feature to set a timer for the desired cooking time. The timer will sound an alarm when the set time has lapsed.

Use hot pads to protect your hands when you open the oven and remove the food item. Set the food item on a cooling rack or other heat-resistant surface to cool. Close the oven door and push the "Oven Temperature" knob in slightly while turning counterclockwise to the "Off" position.

Broil food by choosing the "Broil" temperature on the "Oven Temperature" dial. You may also need to turn a setting dial. Set the food on the top rack inside the oven and partially close the door, leaving a gap of just a few inches. Leave at least 2 inches between the top of the food and the grill element, advises George Washington University Facilities Services.

Note that most items broil very quickly and will burn if not supervised. After the food item is finished broiling, use hot pads to protect your hands as you open the oven door and remove the food item. Close the oven door and turn the "Oven Temperature" dial to "Off" when finished.


You may need to adjust the height of the oven racks before and after broiling.


Caution should be used when operating an electric oven to prevent burns, as ovens can become very hot when in use.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric oven
  • Food item(s)
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