How to write a self reflective essay

Updated November 21, 2016

A self-reflective essay is an opinion paper that expresses the writer's personal opinions and views about a particular subject. Self-reflective essays can be written in response to a novel, a movie, a course or a prompt. Research is not necessary for writing this type of essay. The only preparation needed is reading or viewing the subject of the paper.

Write the essay in first person point-of-view. Use statements like "I liked" and "My favourite part" to let readers know you are writing an opinion and not stating facts.

Write a five to 10 sentence introduction that briefly explains the topic you're giving your opinion on. For example, if you are writing a self-reflective essay on a particular movie, write a short synopsis of the movie. This is the only place in the paper where any type of synopsis should be given.

Include a thesis statement in your introduction. A thesis statement is one sentence that the rest of the paper will support. For example, your thesis might be that you think the movie you're writing about is a good film. The rest of the essay would be your reasons for thinking the film was good.

Write at least three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should focus on a particular part of the subject matter. Each body paragraph should tie into your thesis statement.

End your paper with a conclusion that recaps your major points within the paper.

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