How to Clean a DVD Recorder Laser Lens

Updated February 21, 2017

DVD recorders burn DVDs of your favourite TV shows and allow you play them at a later date. This puts a lot of strain on the laser. If the laser becomes dirty, it can cause DVDs to look choppy or glitchy when played on the recorder. However, with a simple procedure and a few minutes, your recorder will be working fine in no time.

Purchase a DVD laser lens cleaner (see Resources section).

Turn the DVD recorder on. If there is a disc in the tray, remove it.

Insert the laser lens cleaning disc and close the tray. The disc will take a few minutes to clean the laser. To pass the time, most lens cleaning discs have soft jazz music playing in the background while they clean your laser.

Remove the disc once the onscreen information instructs you to.

Place a DVD into the recorder and press "Play" to make sure the laser is working properly.


Read the recorder's instruction manual to guide you through any problems that arise.


Don't play the cleaning disc two times in a row.

Things You'll Need

  • DVD laser lens cleaner
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