How to Register a Hotmail Email Address

Updated March 23, 2017

Hotmail is a free e-mail service provided by the Microsoft Corporation. You can send, receive, and organise e-mail messages with Hotmail. After you create your Hotmail account, you can also use your Windows Live ID to access other Microsoft features, such as Windows Live Messenger and Xbox Live. If you would like to register for a Hotmail e-mail address, it takes little time to do so.

Point your Internet browser to You can register for your Hotmail address here.

Click the "Sign Up" button. A new page will open for you to enter your information for the Hotmail account.

Enter the Hotmail address you want to use in the box next to "Windows Live ID." Click "Check Availability" to see if the address is available for use.

Create a password you want to use to access your Hotmail account. The password needs to be at least six characters long. Enter the password in the box next to "Password" and then verify the password in the box next to "Retype password."

Either enter an alternate e-mail address or choose a security question to use in case you lose your password. If you forget your password, you can have it mailed to your alternate address or you can reset the password by providing the answer to the security question you selected when you registered.

Enter your personal information to finish registering for your Hotmail account. Type your name, select your country and state, enter your zip code, select your gender, and type your birth year in the appropriate boxes.

Type the letters and numbers from the security image and click "I accept" to complete registration for your Hotmail address. You can now go to your inbox and begin sending and receiving e-mail.

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