How to combine twin mattresses

Updated February 21, 2017

Combining twin mattresses to make a king-size bed is an economical way of creating a larger bed. Using two mattresses to form one bed is a practical way of creating a guest bed or bed upgrade without having a go through the painful and costly act of bed-shopping. Putting the mattresses together isn't a difficult process.

Place one twin mattress on the king-size frame.

Place the second twin mattress on the king-size frame. Push the second mattress tightly against the first one. Both mattresses should be laying parallel and lengthwise on the bed frame.

Seal the twin mattresses together and conceal the space between the mattresses, using a bed bridge. You do not have to use a bed bridge and can get by fine without one.

Place a mattress topper over the mattresses to further conceal the crack between the mattresses, hold the mattresses together, and add more comfort to the bed. You can use a twin bed connector mattress topper, which is made specifically for combining two twin mattresses.

Put the sheets and other bedding on the bed. Finish making the bed.


If you don't have a king-size bed frame, use two twin bed frames as long as the bed frames fit flush together and the crack between the beds is hardly noticeable.

Things You'll Need

  • Mattress topper
  • Ttwin bed connector (optional)
  • King-size bed frame
  • King-size mattress bed sheets
  • Bed bridge (optional)
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