How to Find the Calls Being Made From My Home Phone Number

Updated July 20, 2017

Ordinarily, your monthly phone bill will provide a list of all the calls made from your home phone number. However, some consumers need that information quicker. Instead of waiting for the next bill to arrive, find out the phone numbers of all calls made from your home phone number either by calling your phone service provider or accessing your records on the Internet. Some companies provide free software for consumers who wish to monitor all calls made from their home phone number, and some modern phones are more tech savvy, allowing you to have easy access to this information.

Call your phone company. Keep your phone service account information nearby so you can provide this information when you call. Most phone companies will provide a call history from home phone numbers to their customers. Some companies charge a fee for this service while other phone service providers do not. Accessing your home phone call records will enable you to view not only the outgoing calls from your home phone number at a particular time on a particular day, but it will also allow you to view information about incoming calls.

Log in to the phone company's website. You should have access to everything related to your account. Bring up the current bill on your phone service. You can check particular days and months to find out what calls have been made from your home phone number.

Use the Caller ID function on your phone. The Caller ID device allows you to view a call history of all calls made from your home phone number. You may need to refer to the instructions in the manual to see how you can get this information. Caller ID will show all calls made during a particular time frame. Many Caller ID devices on the market today are enhanced with extra features; check the packaging to see what kind of call history information your phone provides.

Use the call history feature on your phone. Some modern telephones include a feature known as call history, which will allow you to access the phone numbers of all of the most recent calls made from your phone.

Install an app on your mobile phone that will enable you to look at your home phone records. Some phone service providers are jumping on the "app bandwagon" and offering phone apps to their customers for devices such as the iPhone and Android. Your service provider's app will allow you to access records of all calls made from your home phone number. This will also include information about incoming phone calls. Contact your phone service provider for information about this app and whether it is compatible with your mobile device.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Telephone
  • Phone service account information
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