How to Secure a Metal Swing Set in the Ground

Updated February 21, 2017

A metal swing set offers exceptional durability and lasting quality when compared to other swing set materials. A well built metal swing set will be sturdy in construction and able to stand up to wind, rain and temperatures all while providing kids and adults with years of fun. By keeping a few details in mind and following recommended installation instructions, you can be sure your family's swing set will be safe, strong and resilient from day one.

Prepare the ground for swing set installation. The entire area needs to be completely level where the swing set is going to be placed. If needed, the area can be levelled by adding earth and packing it down until it is even. The area also needs to be free from any obstructions such as trees, rocks or buildings. The swing set should have a radius of at least six feet of clear space.

Assemble the swing set frame and position it in the area where it will be installed. Mark off the four corners of the frame on the ground by spray-painting a circle around each post or creating a mark in the ground with a spade. Move the swing set out of the way and dig the holes at least eight inches deep and approximately ten inches wide.

If you are using an anchor bolt kit, screw the auger anchor into the ground or the swing set leg according to the package directions. Anchor bolt kits are not necessary for a safe swing set installation, but they can help adhere the swing posts into place and add another layer of certainty to your installation work.

Place the swing set into position and lower each leg into the pre-dug holes. Mix up the concrete according to the manufacturer directions and pour the concrete into the holes. Be sure the concrete settles into the hole completely and surrounds the swing set post. Allow the concrete sufficient time to cure before covering with dirt. Each post hole can be further filled in with gravel if desired. Once the concrete is cured, the swing set should be stable and sturdy.

Finish off the swing set installation by spreading a thick layer of mulch, sand or recycled rubber tire mulch to enhance swing set safety. This layer should cover the entire area beneath the swing set and the six foot radius around the swing set to ensure children have a soft place to land should a fall occur.

Things You'll Need

  • Swing set
  • Anchor bolt kit
  • Concrete or sand
  • Shovel
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