How to Sync Songs to iPod Touch Without iTunes

The iPod Touch is a portable media device developed by Apple to provide many of the capabilities available on the iPhone in addition to the standard music management features. As with all iPod devices, the iPod Touch is designed to sync the music library through iTunes. If you find that iTunes does not provide the music management features you require on your computer, there are alternatives that will provide for iPod Touch syncing in a non-iTunes framework.

Download the CopyTrans Manager installation zip file (see Resources).

Unzip the contents of the CopyTrans Manager installation zip file.

Double-click CopyTransManager.exe to launch the program.

Select "Use CopyTrans Manager" from the program splash screen.

Install the iPod device drivers if prompted by CopyTrans Manager. If the drivers are not currently installed on the computer, CopyTrans Manager will detect this and guide you through the set-up.

Connect your iPod Touch to the computer. CopyTrans Manager will detect the iPod Touch and load the songs already on your iPod Touch into the interface.

Click the "Add Tracks" button (an iPod icon with a addition sign) to add new music to your iPod Touch from your computer.

Click the "Remove Tracks" button (an iPod icon with a subtraction sign) to remove music from your iPod Touch.

Click the "Update" button to commit the changes and sync the added music to the iPod Touch.

Download and launch the MediaMonkey installer (see Resources).

Click "OK" to proceed with installing the free version of MediaMonkey.

Select "Accept" at the license agreement and then click "Next" to install MediaMonkey with default settings.

Select the folders where you store music on your computer at the "Add Folders" step of the installation.

Indicate if you would like to import data from other media management applications you might have used in the past. For instance, if you are switching from iTunes, you can import rating and play count data into your MediaMonkey library. MediaMonkey will launch after this step.

Review the installation settings and click "Finish" to complete the set-up. MediaMonkey will launch once the music library has been scanned.

Connect your iPod Touch to the computer. MediaMonkey will automatically detect the iPod Touch and add it to the navigational tree in the right sidebar.

Select songs from your music library that you would like to add to your iPod Touch and drag them onto the iPod Touch icon in the navigational tree. MediaMonkey will immediately begin syncing the iPod Touch when tracks are added and the progress will be displayed in the status bar of the program.

Right-click on the iPod Touch icon in the navigational tree and select "Safely remove device" to disconnect your iPod Touch once the sync is complete.

Download the SharePod installation zip file (see Resources).

Unzip the contents of the SharePod installation zip file to the C:\ root directory. The program must be unzipped to this directory to function correctly.

Download and install iTunes if it is not already available on your computer. SharePod relies on iTunes to initiate the first connection to your iPod Touch.

Connect your iPod Touch to the computer.

Double-click SharePod.exe to launch the program. The program should automatically detect your iPod Touch and display the contents of your iPod Touch library.

Select "Copy to iPod" to add songs to your iPod Touch.

Select "Eject iPod" when you have completed adding songs to your iPod Touch to finish the sync process.

Things You'll Need

  • Alternative music management software (see Resources)
  • iPod Touch
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