How to Send a Free Text to a Cell Phone Via a PC

Updated March 23, 2017

Sending a free text message to a cell phone via a PC is helpful if you need to communicate with friends or family but you do not have a text plan on your personal cell phone. Sending a text for free from a PC is also effective if you need to send a large volume of text messages at once, or if you prefer typing on a computer keyboard rather than on a cell phone. Furthermore, since you can send a free text from a PC via e-mail software, you can add commonly-used cell phone numbers to your e-mail address book and can conveniently recall them from your contact list when sending text messages from your computer.

Launch your e-mail server. Alternatively, if you prefer web-based e-mail, log in to your Internet-based e-mail account.

Compose a new message. Click the "New" or "Compose" button to start a new message.

Address the email. You must know the email address for the phone you want to text. Cell phone e-mail addresses are usually in the format For example, if you want to text a Sprint phone with the number (212) 555-1212, you must address the message to Note that the dashes and parentheses are removed for the phone's web address.

The email addresses for some major phone carriers are listed below:

AT&T: Nextel: Sprint: T-Mobile: Verizon: Virgin:

Compose the message. Remember that most text messages are limited to 160 characters. Depending on the cellular carrier, anything beyond 160 characters may be split into additional messages or not sent at all. So keep your message brief.

Click the "Send" button in your e-mail server. Although your e-mail is not routed directly to the phone, it will be forwarded by the cellular carrier as a text message.

Launch AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Log in using your AOL screen name or an AIM e-mail address.

Start a new instant message. Click on the "People" menu and select "Send Instant Message."

Address the message. In the "To" field, enter the cell phone number you want to text, including the country code. For example, if sending a text message to the US number (212) 555-1212, you must also include the country code, which is +1 in this case. The "To" field must read +12125551212.

Compose the message. Remember that your text message is limited to 160 characters.

Send the message. Press the "Send" button in AIM. Your text message will be directed to the cell phone number listed in the "To" field. You will receive an instant message confirming the message was received.

Locate the cellular carrier's text message website. Most cell phone carriers offer an online tool that lets you send text messages via a website. Use a search engine or contact the cell phone carrier to see what web address is used for sending text messages.

Log in to the website. Some carriers require you to log in to send a message to a customer via the web-based browser. This is done to keep users from receiving unwanted, anonymous text messages.

Enter the phone number. Use the ten-digit phone number, including area code.

Compose the message. As you type your text, remember that text transmissions are limited to 160 characters per message.

Send the text. Click the "Send" button on the cell phone carrier's website to send the message to a user's phone.

Things You'll Need

  • PC
  • Internet connection
  • E-mail client
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