How to Drill in Marble Tiles

Updated February 21, 2017

Natural stone tile adds warmth and style to your home seldom duplicated by ceramic or porcelain tiles. Marble and other stone tiles are more fragile than their manufactured counterparts and can crack when subjected to the force and heat created while drilling a hole in the tile. Diamond drill bits are designed to drill materials like marble tile and other types of hard, non-metallic materials. Keeping the diamond drill bit cool while drilling will decrease the amount of heat it generates.

Cover the area of the marble tile where you intend to drill the hole with duct tape, making sure the duct tape covers at least twice the diameter of the required hole size. The duct tape will keep the diamond drill bit from wandering when you are starting the hole in the marble tile.

Mark the location of the hole on the surface of the duct tape with the permanent marker.

Secure the diamond drill bit--sized for your required hole diameter--into the 3/8-inch, variable speed drill motor and put on your safety glasses.

Set the diamond drill bit against the duct tape, spray the tip of the drill bit with the water-filled water bottle and gently pull the trigger of the drill motor start turning the drill bit slowly. You want to keep the drill bit rotating between 100 and 200 revolutions per minute (RPM), this will keep the marble tile cool.

Spray the diamond drill bit and surface of the marble tile continuously with water from the spray bottle as you drill to keep heat build-up to a minimum.

Remove the duct tape from the marble tile after the drilling is complete and wipe the tile with a clean rag to remove water and drilling sludge from the surface of the tile.

Things You'll Need

  • Duct tape
  • Diamond drill bit
  • Permanent marker
  • 3/8-inch, variable speed drill motor
  • Safety glasses
  • Water-filled spray bottle
  • Clean rag
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