How to Replace Wiper Blades on a Z3

Written by johnathan cronk | 13/05/2017
How to Replace Wiper Blades on a Z3
Replace damaged wiper blades immediately to ensure proper visibility. (sur la route image by valérie Beunardeau from

It's important to inspect your BMW Z3's windshield wipers frequently. Over time, the wiper blades will deteriorate and become damaged from normal wear and tear. When the blades become torn, visibility during bad weather conditions decreases significantly causing unsafe driving conditions. It's crucial to replace damaged or deteriorating blades immediately to ensure maximum visibility while operating your BMW Z3.

Turn the Z3 off and place a towel on the windshield to prevent the wiper arm from shattering the glass by accident.

Pull the wiper arm completely away from the windshield and position the wiper blade at an angle. If needed, the BMW owner's manual has a diagram of how the wipers should be positioned.

Pull the release spring located where the wiper arm meets the wiper blade. Move the wiper blade down and unhook it, moving it towards the windshield, by pulling it past the wiper arm toward the top. The wiper blade is now removed.

Insert a replacement wiper blade and apply pressure until it locks into place. Repeat these steps for the opposite wiper blade if needed.

Things you need

  • Towel

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