How get rid of diarrhoea in a Chihuahua puppy

Updated April 17, 2017

It is not uncommon for a dog to experience diarrhoea. Diarrhoea results when liquid is not absorbed as food passes through the digestive system, according to This causes frequent runny stools and dehydration. A larger dog may easily recover from diarrhoea, but a Chihuahua puppy is at special risk for complications, due to his small size.

Determine the possible causes of the puppy's diarrhoea. Survey your home and yard, looking for garbage, plants, rocks or sticks that show signs of chewing. Make a note of any human food the puppy has eaten, in the form of table scraps or treats. Record the brand name of the pup's food and whether there have been any changes in his diet. Hickory Veterinary Hospital in Pennsylvania recommends collecting a stool sample, which the veterinarian may need.

Take the puppy to a veterinarian. The notes you've made about the puppy's diet may help the veterinarian with her diagnosis. It is important to tell the doctor if the puppy has been around other pets, according to, as this may alert the doctor to test for parvovirus, which requires medication.

Withhold food during the first 24 hours, to flush the digestive tract. Rehydrate the puppy by encouraging fluid intake. Add fresh water to the dog's bowl throughout the day. If the puppy still isn't drinking much, place a few ice chips in the water bowl, or offer sips from a running hose.

Reintroduce food on the second day. The puppy will need bland, easy-to-digest food for two to three days. Boiled white rice with cooked skinless chicken or low-fat hamburger are good choices. Instant mashed potatoes, boiled noodles and low-fat cottage cheese are also advised.

To aid digestion, minimise stress to the puppy. Limit the number of people who handle him, the level of excitement and the number of baths he's given. By the fourth day, the diarrhoea should be gone and the puppy should be ready to return to his normal diet. PetDoc recommends adding one part commercial pet food to three parts of the bland diet. Gradually increase the amount of regular food, until the puppy is back to his normal diet.


If the diarrhoea is not gone after two days on the bland diet, return to the veterinarian.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh drinking water
  • Ice chips
  • White rice
  • Chicken
  • Low-fat hamburger
  • Instant mashed potatoes
  • Noodles
  • Low-fat cottage cheese
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