How to Reset Dell Printer Cartridges

Updated March 23, 2017

As owners of printers know, it is expensive to buy new ink cartridges. A way to save money is to purchase an ink refill kit and refill existing cartridges to use them again. However, sometimes the printer recognises the cartridge as being empty after it is refilled. Dell ink cartridges have memory smart chips, but when the ink level drops, the fuses on these chips open, so they cannot be reset. However, you can disable the "Low Ink" alerts in your Dell printer, which gets rid of the "Low Ink" messages. This allows you to use your refilled Dell ink cartridge in the printer without a problem.

Double-click the Dell All-In One Center icon on Windows desktop to run the program.

Go to the "Settings" option.

Click on "Advanced" and then "More Options."

Place a check mark by the check "Never display the Printing Status window" and "Display the low ink alert only when the cartridges are almost empty" options, in the "Appearance Mode."

Insert the USB cable into the computer from the Dell printer.

Click the desktop's "Start" button. Click "Search." Click "All Files or Folders."

Type in "UAN" (without quotes) into the "Search" text field. Click the "Search" button.

Open the "UAN" folder by double-clicking it. Find and open the "System Utilities" folder.

Locate the "Reset Dell Printer" icon and double-click it.

Things You'll Need

  • Dell Printer
  • Dell Ink Cartridge
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