How to Use a Polaroid UV Filter on a Digital Camera

Written by greyson ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Use a Polaroid UV Filter on a Digital Camera
Polaroid UV Filter (lens filter image by jimcox40 from

A Polaroid UV filter is a circular piece of glass that goes over the lens of your camera. This lens filters out harsh light and reduces the haziness of outside images (the same way Polaroid UV filter sunglasses work). You can use this sort of filter on any camera, including digital products, as long as the digital camera has a filter thread on the edge of the lens.

Check the edge of your digital camera lens to see if it has a filter thread. This thread is found on the inside edge of the lens and is a series of screwlike grooves. If you use a digital SLR camera, you more than likely have this feature. However, if the lens slides back into the camera when you power it down, you do not.

Look along the side of the lens for the size of the lens. This is marked in MM (millimetres). This is the size of filter you need to purchase.

Place the Polaroid UV filter over the glass lens and turn it clockwise to screw the filter into place.

Leave the filter on at all times. Not only does the filter improve picture quality, but it protects the glass of your actual lens. It is far cheaper to replace a filter than the actual lens of your camera.

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