How to Spot a Fake Fendi "Spy Bag" Handbag

Updated April 17, 2017

Counterfeiters have discovered various ways how to tap into the designer handbag business. Designers use high-quality materials to ensure their customers that their investment will be long lasting. Replicated handbags, such as the Fendi Spy Bag, have strong indicators that will help you spot these fake bags before you make your purchase.

Check the stitching. The Fendi Spy Bag has high-quality stitching. If the bag has loose, broken or missing stitches, it is a fake. Check the thread colour as well. The Spy Bag incorporates a dyed-to-match thread colour and must match the body colour of the bag.

Check the woven wand, which is located at the centre front of the bag. The authentic bag's wand is woven all the way to the top and bottom of the hardware. The counterfeit bag's wand is not woven all the way into the hardware.

Check the hardware. For example, the authentic Fendi Spy Bag has flathead screws. Counterfeit bags use Philips-head screws.

Check the spyglass end cap. The authentic bag has a smooth, thick glass and you can see the word Fendi engraved on the inside of the glass end cap. The fake bags will have a thin glass.

Look at the bag's signature Fendi lining. The double "F" must align perfectly. The fake bags have off-centre double "F" lining. Check the lining's construction, which is evenly distributed. The fake bag's lining does not match up evenly into the hardware and the letter type appears slanted.

Check the hidden coin purse. Open the coin purse and look for the two-piece hinge at the mouth of the coin purse. Fake bags do not have a two-piece hinge. The coin purse's lining must also match evenly and not appear slanted, which is another indicator that the bag is fake.

Check the bag's inner metal tag. The authentic bag has a metal square with a leather background. The leather must have corners. The counterfeit bags have round corners.

Check the Fendi hologram tag. The counterfeiters glue their hologram tag, which can be peeled off. The authentic bag has an embroidered serial number. The fake bags have a printed serial number.

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