How to cancel an extended warranty on a car

Updated February 21, 2017

Once you find your perfect car, it may seem like the decision process is over. But you still need to decide what extras or features you want, what type of insurance you need and whether or not you want to purchase an extended warranty. An extended warranty may seem like good idea at the time you purchase your car, but after some thought, you may decide that you want to cancel the warranty. You may also find a better warranty and therefore need to cancel the first warranty.

Read over your extended warranty contract carefully. The contract will let you know how much you can get back once your warranty is cancelled, depending on how many miles you've driven your car and other factors. It will also tell you if there are any fees for cancelling the warranty.

Visit the dealership where you purchased your car, and ask to speak with the Finance Manager or the person in charge of handling car warranties. You may want to call ahead to schedule an appointment with this person.

Let the Finance Manager know that you'd like to cancel your extended warranty. After you purchase the warranty, you can cancel it any time.

Read over and sign the document that the Finance Manager provides you with. This document is a cancellation form, and it will explain the terms of your cancellation, including how much money you get back.

Ask for a copy of this form. Make sure the copy has your signature on it and the date you signed it. You'll need to have a copy of the cancellation form in case there are any problems with your account in the future as proof that you cancelled the extended warranty on that date. Double check to make sure the cancellation form is signed and dated.

Check back with the Finance Manager every few days until the cancellation form is submitted to the right place.

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