How to Attach Wood Posts to Concrete

Updated July 19, 2017

Wood has been a vital structural building material for hundreds of years, and is still one of the most commonly used materials in all areas of the world. Concrete has also been used for centuries, and remains to be one of the primary foundation construction materials, as it is both strong and durable. While concrete is a strong material, it can be altered for the application of additional materials, even after it has fully cured. The modern metal post base allows wood posts to be properly secured to just about any concrete surface, and though a generally straightforward process, can be successfully installed by just about anyone with basic tools and construction knowledge.

Mark the centre location of the post, using the lumber pencil, and the tape measure if necessary.

Hold the electric hammer-drill vertically over (equipped with the masonry drill bit) the mark made in step 1. The drill bit diameter must be the size recommended for the concrete anchor bolt.

Pull the trigger on the hammer-drill to begin drilling; drill the hole about 1/4 inch deeper than the length of the concrete anchor bolt. Pull the drill bit from the hole (once the necessary depth is achieved) while the hammer-drill motor is still engaged.

Clean any concrete dust from the hole drilled in step 4, using the vacuum cleaner.

Place the metal post base centred over the hole drilled in step 4, lining up the hole of the post base with the drilled hole in the concrete.

Insert the concrete anchor bolt through the post base and into the hole drilled in step 3, using the small sledge hammer to tap it (the bolt) all the way in, if necessary.

Tighten the anchor bolt, using the socket wrench and socket; tightening the anchor bolt activates the bolts locking mechanism.

Insert the wood post into the metal post base, and drive the joist hanger nails through the holes on all sides of the post base, using the framing hammer.

Things You'll Need

  • Lumber pencil
  • Tape measure (if necessary)
  • Electric hammer-drill with masonry drill bit (size depends on post base size)
  • Concrete anchor bolt (size depends on post base size)
  • Small sledge hammer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Metal post base (size depends on post size)
  • Socket wrench and socket (size depends on concrete anchor bolt size)
  • Framing hammer
  • Joist hanger nails (tico nails)
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