Cool Ways to Lace Vans

Updated February 21, 2017

Vans is a shoe company well known for skateboarding shoes. In addition to the original Vans skate shoes, Vans also has a line of casual shoes for everyday use. While you could lace your Vans shoelaces with the traditional criss-cross pattern, there are several cool ways to lace your Vans to give you a custom look. These lacing techniques vary in difficulty, so there is a lacing style for any ability.

Straight Bar Lacing

Straight bar lacing is a method of lacing your Vans in which there is no crossing pattern. Instead, the laces run straight across the tongue, horizontally. To achieve this lacing pattern, start with your laces straight through the bottom holes. The lace on one side will be inserted in the next hole, directly on top of the bottom hole on the same side. You will then push the lace through the hole directly across to create a horizontal line. Skip two holes up, then cross to create another horizontal line. For the other side of the shoelace, skip the hole on top and insert the lace into the second hole above the bottom hole. Push the lace through the hole directly across to create a horizontal line, then skip the hole above and push the lace through the next hole up. Repeat this with each side of the shoe string until you have reached the top. You should have horizontal bars with hidden vertical bars running underneath the shoe.

Lattice Lacing

Lattice lacing is a complicated criss-cross lacing method that creates an interesting weave pattern on Vans shoes. Start by threading the laces straight across the bottom two holes. Make sure the ends come up through the holes, rather than pushing them down through the holes. Cross both ends, skip two eyelets and push the laces down through the fourth set of holes. Run each side straight up and push the lace up through the next set of eyelets, which is the fifth set. Cross both ends and run the laces down, pushing them through the second set of eyelets, the hole directly above the bottom hole. Push each end up through the third set of holes, directly above where you just fed the laces through. Cross the lace a final time and push each end through the top eyelets to complete the pattern.

Hidden Knot

Hidden knot lacing is one of the most common types of lacing for skateboarding shoes because the ends of the laces are tucked out of sight. To do this pattern, lace the shoe as you would with the Straight Bar lacing method, but make the left side shorter than the right side when you begin at the bottom. The left side lacing ends with the second set of eyelets from the top and the right side laces go horizontally across the top set of eyelets. Both should end on the same side of the shoe. Tie a knot inside the shoe with the remaining lengths of each shoelace end, making sure the knot is close against the shoe. Tuck the remaining length of laces inside the shoe where comfortable or cut the ends off.

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