How to Fix a Bose CD Changer

Updated February 21, 2017

A Bose CD changer is a top-of-the-line home stereo system that allows you to insert multiple CDs into the single player. This gives you an extended audio playback time and keeps you from having to constantly change out the CDs. However, you can occasionally run into issues with your Bose CD changer, most of which have to do with audio issues. Most of these issues you can correct on your own without taking the Bose changer into a local electronics repair shop.

Move your Bose CD changer away from microwaves. The waves created by the microwave can actually distort the music playback, causing audio issues while the microwave is in use.

Eject all of the CDs from the CD changer. Most Bose CD changers allow for four different CD changers. Look on the underside of the CDs. If the CDs are dirty, have finger prints or scratches, the disk is not going to play properly.

Spray a few shots of compressed air into each one of the CD slots. This removes dust that may be clinging to the CD player's lens or laser. When dust builds up onto this area it causes skipping and other audio playback issues.

Insert a cleaning CD into the CD player. The cleaning CD has small bristles on the bottom of the disk. When you play the CD it cleans off the lens of any other dust that may still be stuck.

Turn down the volume. If the volume stays on high for a long period of time it can permanently damage the speakers on the Bose system.

Move the Bose CD changer onto a solid surface. If it is on a table or shelf it can rattle, giving off a vibrating effect and distorting your audio.

Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air
  • CD cleaner
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