How to Get Adhesive Off Glass

Updated February 21, 2017

There are any number of ways that adhesive can get stuck to glass. We need to put registration stickers on car windows, or we add a decal to glass that shows support for our favourite football team. Even your three year old may want to decorate your favourite glass vase with a cartoon sticker. To remove adhesive from glass you must use an agent that will break the glue bond.

Put on a pair of thick rubber gloves, as acetone can strip your skin of its natural oils and cause dryness.

Fold the paper towel in half, and then in half again so it is four layers thick.

Pour acetone on the paper towel until it is saturated.

Lay the acetone on the part of the glass that has the adhesive on it and let it sit for five minutes. If you are applying the acetone to a window that is standing upright, hold it in place over the adhesive for five minutes or as long as you can.

Take the acetone-soaked paper towel off the adhesive and rub the area with a dry paper towel. Rub from one side of the adhesive to the other, as if you are pushing the glue to one side. If the glue does not seem quite ready to lift, reapply the acetone-soaked paper towel for another two minutes.

Rinse down the glass with plain water when the glue has been removed. After the glass has been thoroughly rinsed, you can clean the glass however you desire.


If you are looking for a more natural approach, try using peanut butter. While it doesn't always come recommended by professionals, many home remedy tip givers recommend it. Simply wipe the peanut butter over the adhesive, let it sit for five minutes, the wipe it off the way you would if you were using acetone. Clean your window with soapy water afterward.


Never use acetone on eye glasses, as they often have a special coating that could be damaged by the acetone. Try a more natural approach, such as oil, or speak to your optometrist about the best method to remove glue from your particular lens type. If your glass is painted, be aware that acetone may strip some of the paint off. Try a drop of acetone on a test area to see if the paint will wear off before applying it to a large portion of your glass.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber gloves
  • Bottle of acetone or nail polish remover
  • Paper towels
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