How to Clean a Natuzzi Sofa

Updated June 29, 2018

A leather sofa is a sizeable investment for a well-made piece of furniture. Natuzzi manufactures several styles and colours of leather sofas to decorate your living space. Leather care and cleaning requires using soft items on the sofa, so that it does not receive scratches on the exterior. A small scratch or tear grows in length and appearance to ruin the look of natural leather. Using natural soaps to clean a Natuzzi sofa will keep it from discolouring while cleaning a spill or dirt off the furniture.

Dust a Natuzzi sofa once a week with a clean, white cotton cloth. Cotton cloths are soft and do not scratch the natural leather of the sofa.

Brush with a small, soft brush to remove dry dirt and spills. Gentle brushing will loosen any dry items from the sofa. Brush dry items into a dustpan and dispose.

Remove stubborn dry items with a vacuum cleaner on the medium suction level. Attach the vacuum cleaner brush wand and gentle remove the dirt or dry items. Take care not to rub the brush against the sides of the sofa or it may tear the leather.

Clean wet spills by immediately soaking up the liquid with a towel or paper towel. Wet a washcloth and wring it out so that it is damp. Rub the wet area from the outside into the centre of the spill so that it removes the wet spill without further spreading it. Dry the area with a dry towel so that moisture does not sit on the sofa.

Clean with a clear mild soap and water and wipe with a towel to remove greasy stains. Dilute a small amount of the soap in water, dip a washcloth into the mixture and wring out. Wash the stain gently and immediately dry.


Use clear soap when washing Natuzzi sofas so that the soap does not stain or change the colour of the leather. Wipe up any spills immediately after happening so they do not soak into the sofa fibres. Spills and stains remove much easier with immediate cleaning.


Never use any form of heat to dry a Natuzzi sofa. The excess of heat can cause the leather to crack and break.

Things You'll Need

  • White cotton cloth
  • Small soft brush
  • Dustpan
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Towel
  • Wash cloth
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