How to Create a Flyer Free Online

Updated February 21, 2017

Create a flyer to tell friends about a party, a new business venture or an item for sale. Although you can create the flyer in a graphics program on your computer, you can use free online tools as well. The online flyer generator aligns text and images without a learning curve. Once the flyer is complete, save it to your computer, print it out, or e-mail it to friends and family.

Create a free flyer in a range of themes at MyBrochureMaker. Select "Flyer" and pick a theme for the flyer. Then click on "Next."

Click on "Zoom In" to get a closer view of your flyer as it's designed. Then add in your title, a subheading and the text.

Replace any placeholder photos with your own by clicking on the image and selecting "Replace Photo With My Own." An upload image window will open.

Click on "Browse" to find a photo on your computer and double-click it. Then click on "Upload photo." Your image must be in JPG or PNG format and not over 2MB.

Click on the "Rotate" or "Move" arrows under the "Photo Editing Tools" to modify an image even more. Then press "Done Editing" and "Next."

Click on "Print Flyer" (to print your flyer) or "Save" (to save the flyer for later). To save your flyer, enter your e-mail address so the file can be sent to you, name your project, agree to the terms and click on "Save."

Create a free, printable flyer at Domestic Sale. Enter a title and pick the colour and font for the title.

Click on "Browse" to retrieve a photo file from your computer. The file should be in JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP format. The recommended size is 640X480 pixels or larger. If you don't have a photo, check mark "I have no photo" instead.

Select a colour and font size for the text on your flyer. Then type your content into the text box.

Preview your work by clicking on "Preview" when you are finished. You'll see an image of the flyer in the upper-right section of your page. To print the flyer, click on "Print." Your image will load in a new window and the "Print" dialogue box will open.

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