How to Install TomTom One Maps

Updated March 23, 2017

The TomTom One is an entry-level GPS unit preloaded with the latest map for a user's geographic region. New maps are released periodically. New maps can be installed on a TomTom One using the free TomTom Home software program. Once TomTom Home is downloaded and installed on your computer, it can be used to update maps and manage backup information stored on your GPS unit.

Make sure that the TomTom One is turned off, and then connect it to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Turn the GPS unit on after it is connected.

Wait for TomTom Home to launch on your computer. If TomTom Home does not launch automatically, start the program by clicking "Start" and selecting "TomTom Home" from the Programs menu.

Click "Log in" to login to your TomTom account. The login credentials include your e-mail address and password provided when you established the account.

Allow TomTom Home to check for system and map updates. If the update process does not begin automatically, click "Update my device" from the menu bar.

Click the check-box next to a new map and click "Update and install". Be sure to also install the updated TomTom application if one is found.

Wait for the map and other updates to be downloaded and installed to your device. Click "Done" when the process is complete to exit.

Disconnect the device and choose to use the new map. Select "Preferences" from the TomTom GPS unit's menu and choose "Manage maps". Tap "Switch map" to begin using the new map.


A free database of safety cameras can be installed after a new map is installed while the TomTom is still connected to your computer. Refer to the TomTom support website for information on installing the safety-cameras database.


TomTom recommends that you backup your device before updating system software or maps. Refer to the TomTom support website for instructions to backup your device. If you get a message that there is not enough memory to install a new map, do not delete your current map to make room for the new map. Search for other installed applications or non-critical files to delete to make room for the new map.

Things You'll Need

  • TomTom One software
  • USB cable
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