How to make fabric basket liners

Updated April 17, 2017

Lining baskets with fabric is a crafty activity. You can cover a whole basket with fabric, or just line the inside of the basket. Make your fabric choices depending on what type of basket you are using, and how you are using the basket.

You do not have to sew the fabric lining onto your basket. Items such as fabric hook-and-loop fasteners, elastic band, glue or ribbons can attach the lining permanently or temporarily. You might prefer a temporary lining so that you can remove it to wash it.

Make a temporary fabric lining for your laundry basket. Measure the inside of the laundry basket with a cloth measuring tape. Sew your fabric into a "bag" using the dimensions you measured.

Fold the top of the fabric laundry bag over and sew it to make a channel that can hold a piece of sturdy ribbon that matches the fabric. This way, you can tie the bag of dirty clothes and carry it to the laundry room or laundromat.

Use fabric hook-and-loop fasteners on fabric basket liners that you will want to wash. Glue half of the fabric hook-and-loop fastener onto the top edges of the basket. Sew or glue the other half of the fastener onto the fabric.

Make multiple sets of liners for the basket so that you can change the theme depending on the holiday or season. For example, make a lining with a Christmas pattern, one with an Easter pattern and one with a Halloween pattern.

Sew an elastic band into the edge of fabric used for a basket that will hold food such as fruit or eggs. That way, you can wash the fabric occasionally.

Measure the circumference of the edge of the basket, then reduce it by 10 per cent to get the measurement of the elastic needed. Fold the edge of the fabric a little larger than the width of the elastic and sew a channel. Thread the elastic into the channel.

Attach a fabric liner to a wire basket with large holes so that you can use the basket to hold smaller items that otherwise might fall through the holes. Use thick cotton fabric, corduroy or denim for this project. For a fancier look, choose a faux suede or velvet fabric.

Attach the material onto the basket by folding over the edge of the fabric. Using a matching colour thread, hand sew the fabric onto the very edge of the basket. Tack the material down by sewing a few buttons on the bottom in two or three places.

Glue fabric in various places on the bottom and on the edge of a wicker basket. Decide if you want the fabric to only line the inside, cover the handle as well, or cover the inside and form a "lip" over the top edge of the basket.

Put a thin layer of fabric glue directly onto the basket first. Do not just use it in a few spots; cover the entire rim of the basket as well as several places on the inside sides and bottom. Press the fabric onto the spots where you put the glue and smooth out with your fingers. Let the glue dry before you use the basket.

Glue or staple pastel-coloured cotton fabric onto the inside of a plastic Easter basket to give it a softer appeal. It's OK to staple the fabric if the basket is going to be filled with shredded coloured paper and candy. Do not put the staples right up at the top edge; instead, put them lower on the inside of the basket.


Sew a batting onto the back of the fabric for added padding in wire baskets before attaching the lining to the basket. Use quilted fabric for a thicker, more padded effect.


Do not forget to include a seam allowance when measuring the basket for your fabric lining.

Things You'll Need

  • Basket
  • Fabric
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Fabric hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Ribbon
  • Elastic
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