How to Connect a VCR to the TV With Sky

Updated February 21, 2017

Sky TV is a satellite television subscription service with customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company offers a variety of paid and free-to-air satellite TV packages, as well as broadband Internet. Connecting a VCR to a TV with Sky subscription service requires a standard set of composite audio-video cables to hook up the VCR between the television and the Sky receiver box. The set-up should take only a few minutes.

Connect the coaxial cable from the Sky receiver to the VCR's RF IN jack by turning the threaded coupler on the end of the cable clockwise.

Insert the yellow, white and red plugs on one end of the AV cables into the colour-coded AV OUT jacks on the back of the VCR.

Connect the plugs on the other end to the matching AV IN jacks on the back of the TV.

Tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 and turn on the VCR to watch programming from the Sky receiver.


Unplug the TV and Sky receiver from the electricity while connecting the VCR.

Things You'll Need

  • Composite AV cables
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