How to dispose of rubber tires

Updated February 21, 2017

Although rubber is a very useful product that can be recycled, disposing of tires is often not that easy. Unlike most products that can be disposed of by simply putting them in the garbage, the chances of a garbage truck taking your tires is slim to none. The good news is you can usually find a way to get rid of tires, or put them to another use, with a little persistence or imagination.

Take your tires to a business that sells used tires. It may purchase a tire that has not been severely punctured and still has some tread. Some businesses will also take your tires if you buy new ones.

Go to a local recycling centre. Many of them will take products made out of rubber.

Talk to your local garage and find out how it gets rid of tires. The owner can tell you how his business disposes of tires or he may take them off your hands for a minimal price.

Use your tires to create a swing, or use them for landscaping purposes such as a border for a garden. Technically this is not disposing of the tires, but you can put them to good use with a little creativity.

Contact the road division of your local government to see if they will take it the tires. Rubber can be broken down for other uses such as fuels or tar for roads.

Take your tires to a rubber-conversion facility in your area. These plants recycle tires and convert them for other uses.

Contact your local government and ask if it will take a limited number of tires off your hands as a courtesy to a taxpayer.

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