How to Connect Samsung to My Car Stereo

Updated February 21, 2017

Your Samsung cell phone can be connected to your car stereo, allowing you to listen to your MP3s or radio station through your car's sound system. You can also make and receive calls through your car speakers.

Look for the "AUX" port in your car. It should be near the stereo dials, though not all cars have this port.

Power on your Samsung phone. Connect one end of an "AUX" cable made specifically for the Samsung into the phone and the other end into the "AUX" port on your car stereo.

Check your car stereo display for a message asking you to verify the audio jack connection. Some cars may not ask for confirmation.

Press the "AUX" button on the stereo if there is no message.

Open your Samsung media player or radio. Music will come out through your stereo speakers. Calls will also come through your speakers.


Check the Internet for inexpensive cables.

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