How to Make a Beaded Stretch Hair Comb

Updated February 21, 2017

Beaded stretch combs can be colourful and stylish hair accessories. It's simple to make a beaded stretch hair comb to suit your personal style. Design your hair combs with wooden, glass, shell or ceramic beads to accentuate an outfit or to suit a special occasion. Stretch cord is available in the beading aisle of most craft stores. Look for metal or wood hair combs in beauty supply and discount stores; plastic combs will work, but the chance of breakage is much higher.

Drill three pairs of 1/8-inch diameter holes along the spine of each of the metal hair combs. Place the pair side by side in the centre of the width of the spine. Place one pair in the centre and one pair on each end of the hair comb spine.

Cut three 10-inch-long strands of stretch beading cord. Pull the ends of each cord to pre-stretch the elastic.

Thread one end of one pre-stretched cord halfway through the first drilled hole on one hair comb, back to front. Feed the other end of the same cord through the second hole in the pair, also back to front. Pull the stretch cord so that the ends are even.

Repeat step 3 to thread the remaining two pre-stretched cords through the remaining two pairs of drilled holes on the same hair comb.

Thread 6mm beads over both ends of one strand of stretch beading cord. Slide the beads all the way to the hair comb spine. Leave an inch of stretch cord bead free at the end.

Separate the two ends of the cord as they exit the last 6mm bead. Insert each end through the drilled holes in the second hair comb that corresponds to the pair the elastic is threaded through in the first hair comb. Make sure to insert the stretch cord from the front to the back of the hair comb.

Tie the stretch cord ends in a double overhand knot on the back of the hair comb spine. Cover the knot with jeweller's glue.

Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 with the remaining two elastic cords.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 metal or wooden hair combs
  • Drill
  • 1/8-inch diameter metal or wood drill bit
  • Stretch beading cord
  • 6mm beads
  • Jeweller's glue
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