How to Install Patio Door Rollers

Updated April 17, 2017

When sliding patio doors get old, they start to jam and stick, making the doors difficult to slide open and close. However, these doors don't really slide. In fact, they roll on metal or plastic wheels along a track on the bottom of the door frame. Foreign objects or rust sometimes get stuck inside the track. To solve the problem of sticking patio doors, you can run a vacuum along the track. If the doors still stick after cleaning out the tracks, you may need to install new patio door rollers.

Raise the rollers on the bottom of the patio door. Turn the adjusting screws on each side of the bottom of the door clockwise with a Phillips screwdriver. Continue turning the screws to raise each wheel up into the inside of the sliding door.

Remove the patio door. Ask a friend to hold onto the other side of the door. Together, lift the door up from the bottom to pull it out of the track. Then move the bottom of the door out of the track. Carefully carry the door to a safe place where you can lay it horizontally.

Take out the screws that hold the bar at the bottom of the door. Unscrew the screws on each side of the bottom of the door with one hand, while you hold your other hand inside the bottom of the door to catch each screw as it falls out.

Insert a flat head screwdriver between the rubber gasket at the bottom of the door and the glass. Pry back and forth to work the rubber gasket loose enough to take off the bar. Grasp the bar with both hands and carefully wiggle it out from the door.

Slide out the roller brackets on each end of the door with your hand. Remove the screw holding the roller bracket unit together. Pull the unit apart and take out the old roller.

Slide the new roller into the slot where it fits in the bracket unit. Make sure that the new roller is the same size as the old one. Adjust the wheel-height adjustment screw on the side of the roller. Reinsert the screw that holds the bracket unit together and tighten it with a screwdriver.

Place the bracket unit back into the bottom of the bar. Slide the bar back into place, fitting it into the rubber gasket along the bottom of the door. Reattach the screws that hold the bar onto the bottom of the door and tighten them with a screwdriver.

Ask your friend to help you put the door back into place. Stick the top of the door in first, then lift the door and fit the bottom into the track at the bottom of the door frame.


Replace the patio door rollers at the same time to avoid excessive wear and tear on only one new roller.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat head screwdriver
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