How to Wash a Crinkle Skirt

Updated March 23, 2017

Keeping your crinkle skirt crinkled need not be difficult. In fact, crinkled clothing can be among the easiest to maintain and to keep looking like new. Also called broomstick skirts, crinkle skirts require simple maintenance. Wash with a twist and you and your skirt will be good to go.

Wash your crinkle skirt in the washing machine or by hand. Each method has its benefits. Washing your skirt in a washing machine is easier than doing it by hand. More importantly, the fabric will dry more quickly. On the other hand, machine washing doesn't produce as pronounced crinkles as hand washing does.

Spin or squeeze excess water from the fabric. If you let your washing machine remove excess water, remove the skirt from the machine immediately. If you hand wash and wring out the water, squeeze hard to help the fabric dry and to prevent mildew.

Twist your skirt tightly along its entire length. If the skirt won't keep the twist, place a clothes pin at the bottom and top of the twist. Hang the skirt across a drying rack to allow for air circulation. A crinkle skirt can take a full day or longer to dry. Gently shake out the skirt when it's dry.


Do not dry your crinkle skirt in a dryer.

Things You'll Need

  • Clothes line or drying rack
  • Clothes pins
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