How to Assemble Springs on a Trampoline

Updated April 13, 2018

Trampolines are a great way to exercise, stay in shape or simply get the kids out of the house. Although trampolines require little maintenance, you may need to remove your trampoline cover occasionally for repair, replacement, or to store for the winter. When it comes time to reinstall the cover, you'll need to assemble the springs to hold the trampoline cover to the metal framework. Although putting the springs back on takes a little arm muscle, you can make the task easier by putting the springs on in order.

Spread the trampoline cover out on the ground, centred in the metal frame opening. If the weather is warm, allow the trampoline cover to warm in the sun as this makes the cover slightly stretchier and easier to install.

Insert a spring, hook side down, into one of the trampoline cover's v-rings. Insert the other hook of the spring into a hole in the metal frame.

Walk around the trampoline to the opposite side. Insert a spring, hook side down, into the v-ring opposite of the spring attached on the other side of the trampoline. Pull back and inert the other hook of the spring into the frame hole opposite of the attached spring.

Position yourself midway between the two attached springs, on either side of the trampoline. Insert a spring, hook side down, into the v-ring centred between the two attached springs. Use your body as a weight and lean back, inserting the other hook of the spring into a hole in the metal frame. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side.

Attach the next spring four spaces from one of the attached springs. Count four v-rings over and insert a spring, hook side down, into the v-ring. Count four frame holes over and insert the other end of the spring into the frame hole.

Continue working around the frame, attaching springs at every fourth v-ring, until you are back at the starting point. Adjust the existing springs, if necessary, as you come to them to line them up correctly.

Insert the next round of springs in the centre holes, between the existing attached springs. Follow the same procedure of inserting the spring, hook side down, into a v-ring and then pulling back and inserting the other end of the spring into a hole in the metal frame. Work around the frame, one spring at a time, until you are back at your starting point.

Fill in the remaining empty spots with springs. As you attach more springs, it may become difficult to pull the springs from the v-rings back to the frame holes. You can gain some advantage by inserting a spring in the v-ring, and then attaching another spring to the loose end of the spring. Pull back on the second spring, using your body as a weight, until the hook of the first spring reaches the frame hole.

Things You'll Need

  • Trampoline cover
  • Trampoline frame
  • Trampoline springs
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